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Pumpkin Valley Farms is a sister company of, and is available at The Country Pumpkin.

     1968 Hwy 6
     Sutton, NE 68979


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More Information About Pumpkin Valley Farms

Pumpkin Valley Farms is a family-owned business started in 2008. It is a sister company to The Country Pumpkin. Pumpkin Valley Farms was created in order to manufacture and sell value-added food products. When we first started the idea of a value-added food product, we met with chefs and professors to determine what type of food product we could sell. After hours of conversations and deliberations, we embarked on the idea of puree. The ability to save time, while at the same time adding love to all your pumpkin recipes is the whole idea behind our pumpkin puree.

Pumpkin is a fall favorite used in many different dishes however most people lack the time and energy to make their own puree from fresh pumpkins. The only other alternative is canned pumpkin. However, it lacks the eye-appeal, texture, and taste of fresh cooked pumpkin. After several years of testing we have been able to develop a frozen puree that offers great taste, color, texture and quality.

Those of you who have cooked your own pumpkin know that fresh puree is much more watery than the puree that is vacuum packed in a can.  This is not a bad thing; after all, pumpkins are 80- 90% water. You also know that fresh homemade taste cannot be beat when making pies, breads, cakes, etc. Grandma has always been an excellent baker and purely enjoys baking. The love she pours into every single item has been appreciated by the entire family for many years. She only uses fresh pumpkin when baking pumpkin pie, breads, cakes, etc. For those of you who have had the pleasure of eating fresh pumpkin, realize what a great product this really is. For others who have not had the privilege to eat items made with fresh pumpkin, I encourage you to try Pumpkin Valley Farms frozen pumpkin puree. It will allow you to pour the love into your own recipes with a fresh homemade flavor just like grandmas.

Where to Purchase

Tomato Tomato- Omaha, NE
Grow Nebraska stores in Kearney, NE and Grand Island, NE.
The Country Pumpkin in Sutton, NE during September and October.